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Memory Bar Win98 ZIP kiadás 1970.01.01.

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Kategória USB
Gyártó Martinic Computers
Eszköz Memory Bar
Operációs rendszer Windows 98
Fájl méret 20 Kb
Fájl típus ZIP
Kiadás 1970.01.01
Keresés és letöltés

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In Windows 98 a one-time driver installation for the Memory bar is required.­ In all other versions of Windows (ME,­ 2000 and XP),­ but also in MAC OS 8.­6 or higher and Linux kernel 2.­4 or higher,­ no driver installation is required.­ The Windows 98 drivers can be found on the supplied CD-ROM in the folder \MEMORY BAR\WIN98\,­ so installation by means of the CD-ROM is the fastest and easiest way to install the Memory Bar.­ Once you've downloaded the drivers,­ you will have to extract them using e.­g.­ WinZip.­ We suggest you extract the driver in C:\INSTALL\MEMORYBAR\.­ The first time you plug in the Memory Bar,­ Windows 98 will ask you for the drivers.­ You can use the "Browse" button then to select C:\INSTALL\MEMORYBAR\.­

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